Hair Design

We offer a wide range of cutting services at Giggs for all ages as well as Women, Men & children. From a trim/tidy up to a complete restyle.We offer all cutting dry/wet or with a finished look.


We offer a wide range of cutting services to the convenience of the customer and at a time that best suits them, whether its a quick trim/tidy up, our wash and cut or dry cut to a wash cut and blow dry or even a restyle that takes a little longer but your then ready to show off your fresh trim or a brand new style.

Upgrade your cut with a bit of styling! We do hair up do’s if your going out to a ball or prom or just a night out on the town!

We also do GHD curls and straightening  and big bouncy blow-dry to get that polished off finish.

We also do men’s hairdressing here too so you can have the latest trends fresh from the salon.

Discounts for senior citizens and students available

Extra charge for long hair that is below the shoulders.

Colouring Services

At Giggs we pride ourselves ensuring we offer all aspects of colouring using the professional NXT & Wella professional colours.

We also absolutely ensure your hair is kept in the best condition possible.

Our services include:

Root Regrowth, Full head Colour, High & low lights, Half head, T-section, Ombre, Balayage, Capped highlights, Semi Permanant & Permanant and crazy colours.

All on scalp colours require a skin test 48 hours prior to appointment.

Using our NXT Professional permanent and semi permanent ranges we can choose the colours that best suit you as all of our Colouring services including a cut and blow dry .

All Consultations are free of change and all colouring services require a skin test at least 48hours before the service.

Root Tint – Get your roots matched up to your existing colour where we colour only your root area so it blends all in or covers up those greys that we don’t want to be seen

All over Tint – this can be used in many ways for a statement colour all over to give that bold block colour look or maybe just to brighten up your faded ends.You can also swap thing up a little by having a semi – permanent hair colour that is more multi tone giving the hair a softer and all over natural look.

Highlights – Give your hair more movement with highlights/lowlights to get different tones in your hair so it blends in better with your natural hair colour or to give your hair a completely different look by adding extra tones and colours that can be used to make the hair look full of life.

Ombre /balage – There are many new colouring techniques out there at the moment and still very popular is the ombre and balage techniques. Both ombre and balage are two completely different techniques used by the stylist to achieve 2 or more colours to be blended in to the hair giving the hair more contrast from a lighter brighter tone into a darker or richer tone depending on what you are trying to get the look of . On all new fashion techniques we do require a consultation to ensure the stylist has more than enough time to get that look you want .

Technical Services

All Technical services take at least 2- 2 1/2 hours which includes cut and finish.

Perming offers many different styles from curls,waves,or just for body and ease of styling.

We also offer a straighting service which gives you smooth straight hair.

Wella Perms – Creating a wave, body or curl with our wella Professional range the experienced staff can help you get the look your after. We also offer partial techniques of perming for perming just top sections of the hair. All perming services also include a cut & blow dry Service. If you are unsure what sort of a perm you are after please book in for a free consultation.

Chemical Hair Straightening – calm your hair down with our chemical hair straightening service, we use the Wella Professional range for intense or mild curls.

These services do require maintenance and will need styling and treatments to keep the hair in its best condition.

Call now or pop in to see us for a free consultation.